Professional singing lessons

in the Borough of Hillingdon

Express yourself with confidence

If you are interested in fun vocal lessons that will make you grow, you are in the right place. If you have ever had a bad experience learning how to sing before, have had stressful lessons, or you have low confidence - let me help you find joy through singing again.

Learn any style

Whether you prefer jazz, classical, pop, rock, theatre or other styles (heavy metal growling and screaming perhaps?), I am happy to teach them all. All styles of music are beautiful and I would encourage you to experiment or try out your voice in different ones.

Singing lessons tailored to you

I am qualified to teach any ages through all music grades (ABRSM; Trinity; Rockschool). I have experience teaching individually as well as in an ensemble and groups. We can arrange lessons at my home, at a music school in West London, or at your home, whichever you prefer. I believe in positive reinforcement techniques and making lessons fun, at whatever level. While vocals would be the main subject of lessons, we would also cover music theory.

What will I learn?

  • Pitching - singing in tune
  • Developing tone and range
  • Different breathing techniques
  • Expanding repertoire and different styles
  • Lyrical interpretation
  • Understanding harmony
  • Basic instrumental (piano / guitar / bass) skills
  • Personal development
  • Self-analysis

My ultimate goal is for you to be able to make your own musical decisions, improve with self-feedback and give you the tools to become your own teacher.